Blueprints’ Home Ownership Center is here to help you purchase a home. Whether you are intimidated by the home-ownership process, or you aren’t sure which steps to take regarding a home purchase–we can help.

Participants in the program will go through comprehensive counseling by a HUD-certified counselor that deals with all aspects of home ownership; from preparation for getting into a home, establishing a solid financial plan, credit worthiness, and becoming mortgage ready to maintaining the home (weatherization, etc.), foreclosure counseling, and even home owner education.

This program “provides the skills necessary to allow all potential and current homeowners to coordinate with all available resources to help families navigate whatever stage of home ownership they may be in,” according to Kimberly Grewe, housing counselor at Blueprints.

The only mandatory guidelines for the program is you must be a resident of PA and either a potential home-buyer or current homeowner. There are no income guidelines or fees for this service.

To find out more about the program, visit or call 1-877-814-0788.