Participants interested in the program will partner with a Career Coach who will help them determine employment goals, develop a resume, apply for jobs, practice interviewing skills, secure interview attire and coordinate transportation. Participants with criminal records will be linked to Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services to explore any expungement opportunities.

Career Coaches will reach out to existing employment partners and establish new partnerships with employers to meet the recovery phase, skills and interests of participants. Currently, Blueprints has an established network of more than 100 area employers interested in hiring program participants.

Participants will also be linked to Blueprints 35+ programs designed to provide whole families with the options needed to attain and maintain economic self-sufficiency. Blueprints offers programs in the areas of early childhood education, nutrition supports, foster care, adoption, truancy intervention, financial literacy, income tax filing services, rental housing assistance, home purchase counseling, family literacy and reentry programming.

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