It is amazing to see how my child has grown since starting the Pre-K program. At the beginning of the school year, my daughter has just recently turned 3 years old and was shy and quiet. Being that she has never been in daycare or any type of organized group setting, she had a hard time adjusting to being away from her family and being placed in a group of 17 other children, all of whom were older than she was.

For the first few weeks, she cried every day when she was dropped off at school and was so shy she wouldn’t speak to anyone, not even the teachers. Now 9 months later, my daughter cries when she is sick and isn’t able to go to school. She talks about her friends in class and gets excited when she has homework to do at home. She went from not recognizing any of her letters to being able to write them all, both uppercase and lowercase. This is a child who couldn’t even spell her name (Akaylia) at the beginning of the year and now is able to write her name without any assistance. Not only is she writing her name, but she is asking how to spell others words so she can write them as well.

This program is designed to give children an exceptional educational groundwork that will help them for years to come. Between the knowledge my daughter has gained and the social skills she has learned, my daughter has really matured in the past year and I have the Pre-K program to thank for that.

Rhonda Typovsky, Pre-K Parent from Beth-Center
Pre-K Testimonials