When I resigned from Blueprints in 2008 because I had just given birth to my son, Darren, the Pre-K program was brand new to the agency. I kept my eye on the program as he grew from infant to toddler to preschooler and was convinced that we would absolutely take advantage of the program if the opportunity arose. Fortunately, my family was given that chance and we were thrilled to get our acceptance letter last spring. I knew first hand of the quality programming that Blueprints had to offer and was excited for Darren to start.

We tried our hardest to give Darren a good start by educating him the best way that we knew how. However, he still had strong apprehensions about starting school and entering an unfamiliar situation. If he got nothing else out of the program, we prayed that his experience would be positive and therefore lessen his anxiety about school. Darren cried the first 6 days of school and even sporadically after that, but his teacher handled him like a pro, easing him into Pre-K.

Needless to say, we met our goal of controlling his fears and exceeded goals elsewhere as well. His instructors have worked with us to build upon his existing knowledge. They challenge him and he is thriving academically. He is surpassing benchmarks for his age and had been a mentor to his fellow classmates. Darren reads to his class and he informed me today that he is teaching a friend how to read. We are moved to hear that he is using his abilities to be a role model for others! This, in turn, has increased his self-confidence as well.

The growth that he has shown since the first day of Pre-K is incredible and it would take us several pages to list all of the positives. In short, our son’s education has been given a jump start because of the Pre-K program and his teachers. He is full speed ahead with a love of learning that is unstoppable. What more could a parent ask for in a program?

With appreciation,

Asher & Sean Knight, Pre-K Parents from West Greene
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