When it came time to look for a preschool for our son, we looked at a lot of preschools. The education that we wanted for him based on my experience in the field was not available on our budget. When we heard about the Pre-K program at Smartkids we were skeptical that it would fully cover all our preferences for his education. After going to orientation, it became apparent that the set up and approach to learning could not be improved upon. Our experience with the Pre-K Counts program has bypassed our expectations.

The teachers use our son’s strengths to target skills that will help him excel in kindergarten. I ask him what he does in school and his response is always that he plays, but I see the learning in how he approaches problems, his curiosity, and random pieces of information that pop up daily. I can’t say enough good things about the program at Smartkids. The teachers have an exceptional understanding of how kids learn and about child development. I hope this program will continue for all of my kids.

Katie H., Smartkids Child Care and Learning Center, Pre-K Classroom
Pre-K Testimonials