Between her baby being born premature, struggling to pay for the baby’s food, and her insurance being denied, Monica was really struggling and felt very hopeless.

“I had to turn to WIC for help, and behold it was a turning point for me and my family,” she said.

WIC is a program for pregnant and postpartum women that need supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for them and their little ones.

The people Monica worked with at the WIC office, especially Chandra and Rose, provided her not only the supplemental support she needed, but emotional support as well.

“Chandra made me feel at ease with her compassionate soul…she made me so happy and her smiles were so encouraging and every nutritional support and advice I needed was met” According to Monica, Rose made sure Monica got everything she needed each month at her WIC appointments as well.

Monica had exhausted every resource she had to help her growing family, and had even been turned down by another charity organization. She admits the process of WIC was simple and easy unlike the other organization she had previously been turned down by.

“The other organization told me to call 211 hotline and get a job; that they can’t help me because I have too many needs…with WIC the process was simple and easier, they stood by me and saw me through all difficulties, they assisted me beyond expectations.”

Having a child and being a mother can be really difficult, let alone trying to find assistance. Not only are you trying to support your child, but yourself as well. Nutritional education is really important for both the mother and child.

Monica recalls, “Even when I was so stressed out and could not produce enough milk, Amanda Welch, the lactation lady, stepped in and helped me tirelessly without giving up on me until I was healthy again and can produce.” When people are going through difficult times, they are tested. They are tested by their emotional well-being, their mentality, and even their physicality.

It’s through experiences like Monica’s that you realize who is in your support system.

“Amanda is more like the sister I never have, she is passionate and loving…she always checks up on me and my kids to make sure we are doing well and her words was full of encouragement…she was there for me 24 hours a day and returns my calls or text promptly an answered any questions I have promptly. Amanda Welch rendered a quality of service that money cannot buy!”

Monica is grateful beyond words for what the WIC program and their best people do to help women like her.

“I thank you all for your endless support, love, peace of mind encouragement, strength and quality of service you provided to me and my family. I am forever grateful.”