Though he is only five years old, William has seen a lot before he became involved with Blueprints. Parental substance abuse brought William into Blueprints’ Foster Care program in March 2017. He was placed with his paternal grandparents, Melanie and John W. Though they did their best to help William adjust to his new home, the first four months were rocky.

When William’s grandparents started feeling overwhelmed, they called Blueprints. Stacey, a Blueprints’ caseworker, visited their home and helped William’s grandparents work through their emotions. Stacey worked with Washington County’s Children and Youth Services to secure a behavioral specialist to help William with his trauma and problematic behaviors.

Within a month, William made tremendous progress. Melanie and John formed a tight bond with him. As time passed, they decided William needed to be a permanent member of their family and successfully adopted him.  On April 27, 2018, William found his forever home. We are grateful to Melanie and John W. and glad that our imprint on their lives made all the difference.