Blueprints’ 2019 Legislative Breakfast was held on March 29th. This event is an opportunity to bring Federal, State and Local Legislative Leaders together to discuss hard-hitting topics that affect the communities they serve. The gathering is also an opportunity for Blueprints to educate government leaders on the positive impact Blueprints programs have on residents of Washington and Greene Counties in Pennsylvania. The event this year took place at Blueprints’ main office in Washington and was hosted by State Representative Pam Snyder with Blueprints CEO Darlene Bigler as the keynote presenter.

Ms. Bigler took everyone in the room on a “Virtual Tour” of Blueprints’ programs and services. The video presentation summarized organizational reach and identified Blueprints’ service pillars: Mind, Home, Health and Wallet, giving an explanation of each program and their impact on the people they serve with pictures, videos and client & staff testimonials.

In addition to the virtual tour, the presentation showcased hot topic trends such as minimum wage, the cliff effect, and information on the lives impacted by Blueprints though comprehensive programming, and concluded with an open discussion of the topic trends between Blueprints’ staff, Board of Directors and Legislative Leaders.

The Blueprints Team, Board of Directors and Legislative Leaders look forward to breaking barriers and building futures together!