Welcome To Week 3 Of The Blueprints Virtual Teaching Classes!

We broke everything down into two sections! You will find all Early Head Start and Head Start activities for the week in the top section and all of the Pre-K Activities Below!

Don’t forget to share your pictures of the completed activities with you teacher or on our Facebook under our “Show Your Work” posts we put up on Wednesday and Friday Mornings!

Let’s Get Started!

It’s time for a story with Miss Kelly!



Color Collage

Grid paper into 4 sections.  Mark each section a different color of your choice.  I used red, green, yellow, and blue.  Then have your child place pictures (from grocery ads, magazines, etc) and or stickers of those colors into the correct squares.  Use tape or glue for the pictures to stick.

You can use this same sheet for the Math Activity too!

Color Sort

Sort different objects into piles of colors.  Then count how many objects are in each pile.  Talk about which has more and which has less.

If you are counting your color match Art Activity, make sure they count all of the objects


Get Moving with Jack Hartman!

Color nature walk

Take a walk and point out different colors that your child sees.


It’s Story Time With Miss Kelly!


Matching Dust Bunnies!

1. Draw a picture of a monster holding a broom

2. Make your own dust bunnies (from construction paper, scrap paper.  Cut out “bunnies” or tear  paper into “bunnies”  and write (cat, mat, fat/dog, log, bog, fog/sit, hit, mitt/bin, sin, pin) (one word on each dust bunny)

3. Write  _at, _og _it, _in on 4 different brooms (One on each broom)

4. Have child place the dust bunnies on the brooms they rhyme with.

What’s Different?

Find objects or make objects that are the same look but make sure one thing about one of the items is different.

Have children pick out which object is different from the rest.

Get Moving with Jack Hartman!


Create your own “dust bunnies”

1. Get 1 cup baking soda and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of COLD water.

2. Mix together and then form your own dust bunnies.

3. Add food coloring to make colored “bunnies”