In response to COVID-19, Blueprints is offering free virtual sessions to assist Washington County and Greene County residents with home ownership, career development and financial literacy needs. Individuals can meet with Blueprints’ staff without leaving their home.

Blueprints’ Financial Capabilities Center can help residents take charge of their wallet.

Let’s Meet Your Financial Literacy Coach!

Staff can discuss savings strategies, money management and budget development. “Many residents are currently getting by with much less during these unprecedented times,” said Blueprints’ Chief Executive Officer Darlene J. Bigler. “We welcome residents who are new to our services and our staff are available to discuss financial changes from unemployment, to loss of income, to stimulus payments or new budget plans.”



The Career Development program helps residents determine career goals and pathways to success.

Let’s Meet Your Career Development Coach!

For those laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual sessions can be utilized to prepare for a new career path. Blueprints can assist residents with resume development, job applications and preparing for interviews as they are linked to the agency’s network of more than 100 employment partners. Staff can also help residents explore and apply to post secondary degree, certificate and financial assistance programs.



Blueprints’ Home Ownership Center is available to offer expertise on facing mortgage delinquency!

Let’s Meet Your Home Ownership Coach

You can take proactive steps now, including talking with their mortgage lender to let them know about possible inabilities to stay current on their payments. For residents with foreclosure notices, mitigation options will be pursued. For residents interested in purchasing a home, staff can help them determine a mortgage they can afford, review credit scores, create plans to repair credit scores, discuss options for down payment assistance and explore pre-qualification for suitable loan programs. Blueprints Counselors can work with residents, regardless of their income, credit score, or stage in the home ownership process.



Free virtual sessions can be requested and scheduled by email:

Home Ownership Center Contact: Irene Keirsbilck,

Career Development Contact: Alexandria Taylor,

Financial Capabilities Center Contact: Amanda Eveler,


To speak with someone by telephone, please call 877-814-0788.

Virtual classes will also be available. Classes covering a variety of career development and financial literacy topics will discuss options and assist participants in accomplishing their career and financial goals. Follow Blueprints on Facebook.

For additional information about virtual classes, please contact Abigail Stark by telephone at 877-814-0788 or by email at

For information on Blueprints services and resources, visit or contact Blueprints at 877-814-0788, 724-225-9550, or at