• Ziplock bags
  • Paint in any colors
  • Tape to secure the ends of the bags

Put a dot of each color paint in the baggie. Tape the baggie securely shut and squish the color together.  Watch the paint turn colors!



Mind and Body

Get moving with some fun yoga with Diggory the Dump truck!


Let’s make a mouse!


Construction paper (any color)

*If you don’t have construction paper use white paper and color or paint it*

*If you don’t have any paper use your imagination and draw your mouse and decorate it with any supplies you have!*

Glue or tape



Cut out shapes for the body and decorate with your own style!


Draw and decorate your mouse! Make sure to use your imagination, be creative and have fun!



Color Match


Fold the sheet of paper in half and on one side make colorful lines and on the other side also make colorful lines (make sure to mix them up). Have your child unfold the paper and math the colors.




5 Little Fishes

5 little fishes swimming near the shore
1 took a dive and then there was 4

4 little fishes were swimming out to sea
One went for food and then there was 3

3 little fishes said now what should we do?
One swam away and then there were 2

2 little fishes we are having great fun
One went home and then there was 1

1 little fish said I like the warm sun
Off she went and then there were none!


Rainbow Science

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful natural wonders and can teach us so much about color science for kids. After this five minute science activity everyone will walk away with their own magnificent rainbow that can be enjoyed year-round, rain or shine.

Skittles Experiment

Dip colored skittles in water, place on a plate and watch the rainbow magic happen. J

Rainbow jar experiment

Fill a few jars or clear glasses (as many as you choose) with water and food coloring. Fold a paper town and drape over each jar and watch the magic began. (It may take time to become fully colorful)



Paper plate

Crayons scissors (for adult use)



Adult will cut the mouth for the fish

Children will color and decorate the fish


Mind and body

Yoga for young ones