As a symbol of barriers broken and futures built, placing keys on our walls celebrates children finding permanency and the hard work of our caseworkers  on behalf of these kids. The keys symbolize HOME, whether through adoption, permanent legal custody,  or family reunification. Grouped keys show sibling groups that find permanency together.

Jessica Arroyo, Foster Care Caseworker for Blueprints, shares the case of 12-year-old twins, each with a learning disability. These girls were considered difficult to place due to their age and disability. They had been in and out of placement for quite some time before finding a Blueprints’ foster family. After about a year together, the now 7th graders have been adopted, and  have finally found their “forever home.” They enjoy a loving and safe environment. Their family is currently fostering a third child, who will likely be adopted as well.

Jessica acknowledges that finding placements and permanency for older children is more challenging, but  is so very rewarding. Blueprints’ caseworkers place symbolic keys on the walls in our offices to celebrate so many children finding permanency. “It’s a constant reminder of why we all do the work we do,” says Jessica about the keys, “we love seeing them every day. It’s so special when we put another one up!”