Welcome to our Parent Pantry!

Families can earn credits for participation by:

Family Activity Calendar –  5 points for each calendar
Positive Solutions – 10 points/session
Nurturing Parenting – 10 points/session
Parent Meetings – 10/each meeting attended
Referring a new family – 2 points for each family
Health Requirements – (all in for the year) 5 points
Attendance HB – 5 points for each visit kept
Attendance classroom – 10 points for maintaining 90% or higher each month
Group Connections HB – 10 points for each attended
Policy Council – 10 points for each meeting attended
Bonus Events – 25 points for each event attended

Families can use these points to ‘purchase’ the items below:

Please click here to view the items available for ‘purchase’


Please talk to your Family Support Coach or Home Base Educator about cashing in your points!