Washington, PA – Last week, the Penn State Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Program visited a Community Action Southwest Head Start classroom to share information and resources about recycling. The Head Start classrooms are engaged in Project Studies as a key part of the program’s early childhood curriculum. The Plaza 2 classroom, located in the city of Washington, is currently investigating the concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” The Master Gardeners program will help Head Start children to learn about recycling in our community and reducing the amount of pollution and waste by introducing them to the process of composting!

Master Gardeners are willing and able to educate individuals and groups in gardening topics such as plant selection, composting, soil improvement, pest control, vegetable and flower gardening, pruning, and more.

To learn more about the Master Gardeners Program, individuals may contact the Penn State Cooperative Extension office at 724-228-6887 or lkd10@psu.edu.

For more information about enrollment in the Community Action Southwest Head Start program, please visit www.caswg.org or contact us at 724-225-9550, ext. 455.