We provide supervised visitation and parenting services for children and their families who have been removed from their home due to abuse and/ or neglect.

We work to reduce the amount of time children spend in foster care and improve the bond between children and their birth parents. We strive to limit the number of foster placements for each child.

We work with families at risk of having their child placed outside the home due to abuse or neglect.  We also work with families who have one or more children placed in foster care.

We help improve your family’s functioning by improving communication, parenting and problem-solving skills. We work to keep your family intact and prevent further involvement with child protective services.

Program Eligibility

Eligibility varies by program; contact Blueprints for additional information.

Contact Us

Call us to talk about which program is best for your family.
1-877-814-0788 (PA)
1-800-242-7213 (WV)