Work Ready is a Blueprints program that helps participants transition to the EARN, and also helps to secure and retain employment by providing services that will help them stabilize barriers that may hinder him or her from achieving self-sufficiency.

Through assessment, evaluation, services, and activities, this is accomplished by providing services that will help the participant meet their goals.

Ellen Curran, a caseworker for Work Ready, mentions that participants are referred from the Department of Human Services, which sets the rules for them as well.

Curran says the greatest joy for her is seeing participants stabilize their home situation and successfully gain employment to move on.

“We help them to obtain their GED, and even get their driver’s license. It’s great to see them become confident enough to be successful and help people get back on their feet.”

Individuals who are eligible for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) are also eligible for Work Ready, excluded from Diversion. The County Assistance Office (CAO) staff will determine the eligibility for the Work Ready program and refer participants based on CAO policy and procedures.

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