brent’s story

Brent, a local high school student, wanted to build his future. His OVR transition counselor and school district referred Brent to Blueprints’ Work Based Learning Experiences (WBLE) program, which Blueprints offers in partnership with The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Work Based Learning Experiences are designed to assist 14-21 year old high school students with disabilities with 90-hour paid placements with local employers in the community.  The students receive valuable work experience, along with an hourly stipend and realize their potential to succeed upon high school graduation. Next, Brent’s caseworker Lee, scheduled an initial appointment with Brent and his family.  When they met, Brent was willing to try any type of placement because it was going to be his first time working on his own.  Lee had recently met with a company called Sunny Bridge Natural Foods. Brent’s family was interested in this placement because it was close to Brent’s high…

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Shelly’s story

Though she grew up in Washington County, Shelly traveled a long way to get to Blueprints. A single mother of a one-year-old boy, she returned home from St. Louis, Missouri, and moved in with her family in Washington County after separating from her child’s father. While in St. Louis, she had completed a culinary training program.

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Richard’s Story

Richard B., former Blueprints client, single father, and longtime resident of Washington County, Pennsylvania moved out of a local public housing community, Jollick Manor, after five years and purchased a new home in the City of Washington on September 29th, 2017.

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Faithlynn’s Story

Blueprints would like to introduce you to Faithlynn. Not only is Faithlynn a former student from our Head Start Program but her parents were the first graduates of our Assets for Independence Program. Her family received a $4,000 match for the $2,000 they saved to purchase their first home. In this picture, Faithlynn is standing next to her family’s SOLD sign!

Taylor’s Story

When Taylor first started Pre-K I was not concerned about him academically, what concerned me was his social interaction with the other children. He tends to play by himself or his brother and usually hesitates in group work projects. I am happy to report that at the end of this school year he has become more interactive than I could have ever imagined.

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Darren’s Story

When I resigned from Blueprints in 2008 because I had just given birth to my son, Darren, the Pre-K program was brand new to the agency. I kept my eye on the program as he grew from infant to toddler to preschooler and was convinced that we would absolutely take advantage of the program if the opportunity arose. Fortunately, my family was given that chance and we were thrilled to get our acceptance letter last spring. I knew first hand of the quality programming that Blueprints had to offer and was excited for Darren to start.

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Colton’s Story

I feel that this program has really prepared Colton for kindergarten. He’s become familiar with a routine; he can say and recognize his alphabet and numbers. We play a game each week with the letter he’s learned. We each take a turn naming foods, things, places that begin with that letter. He can also figure out words that rhyme together and we make up a funny riddle. He also loves to read, or try to. He can make up an entire story with a problem that’s solved. He’s more attentive than before.I would recommend everyone to join the Pre-K program.

Christy Spitznogle, Pre-K Parent from Waynesburg Central High School
Pre-K Testimonials

Heidi’s Story

Heidi has developed social skills; she has become more interactive with others, being less shy. Heidi’s self-esteem and confidence has grown in the last past year.The Pre-K program has given us great feedback and ideas to aid in Heidi’s development. We like that the program has allowed Heidi to be with children her own age. WE feel Heidi has developed structure through this program. She has also learned to try and experience new things, which help us in our daily lives.

We are very happy and satisfied with her teachers and the Pre-K program.

Jeannette Walsh, Pre-K Parent from Washington Park
Pre-K Testimonials

Akaylia’s Story

It is amazing to see how my child has grown since starting the Pre-K program. At the beginning of the school year, my daughter has just recently turned 3 years old and was shy and quiet. Being that she has never been in daycare or any type of organized group setting, she had a hard time adjusting to being away from her family and being placed in a group of 17 other children, all of whom were older than she was.

For the first few weeks, she cried every day when she was dropped off at school and was so shy she wouldn’t speak to anyone, not even the teachers. Now 9 months later, my daughter cries when she is sick and isn’t able to go to school. She talks about her friends in class and gets excited when she has homework to do at home. She went from not recognizing any of her letters to being able to write them all, both uppercase and lowercase. This is a child who couldn’t even spell her name (Akaylia) at the beginning of the year and now is able to write her name without any assistance. Not only is she writing her name, but she is asking how to spell others words so she can write them as well.

This program is designed to give children an exceptional educational groundwork that will help them for years to come. Between the knowledge my daughter has gained and the social skills she has learned, my daughter has really matured in the past year and I have the Pre-K program to thank for that.

Rhonda Typovsky, Pre-K Parent from Beth-Center
Pre-K Testimonials

Chassidy’s Story

The Kindergarten Readiness Program has helped Chassidy become more open to meeting new friends. It has also helped her in following daily routines. She has learned how to communicate better with her peers and teachers. Her communication at home with me (her mom) and her two older sisters has also gotten a lot better.

Sharina Guinyard, Pre-K Parent from Ringgold
Pre-K Testimonials